Web Development

So you're looking for a website? (Or a website makeover) Good choice, you have some options.

For most people, a standard 4 or 5 page site is plenty to get their business message across. If this is what you're looking for, here's what I'll do for you:

  • Standard pages that make sense for your business, something like Home, About, Services, and Contact
  • A contact form that will emaily you directly
  • Customized design based on an email consultation where I ask a few easy questions *

Get Started!
To get started, simply fill out the contact form briefly describing your needs. I will reply within 24 hours asking some more detailed questions, we'll agree upon an initial quote, and we'll go from there!

Do you need more than just a standard site?
I can do sites with more pages, and also more advanced sites, including e-commerce. I also work with designers who can help out if you prefer a graphic intensive site. Typically things of this nature will incur extra cost. Contact me to let me know your needs!

Wordpress options
Typically sites are simply a series of static pages which get uploaded to your web host. Once that happens, you site is online for the world to see! However, many people prefer to use the Wordpress framework. If you are not sure what Wordpress is, it's probably not for you. But simply put, it is a type of content management system, which allows you to maintain and update your site once it is completed, and it doesn't require any special technical skills on your part. You get a login page, and from there you can control the content on your pages in real time. Typically people use this for blogging, they can just type up their post and click a button and it is live on the website. But more people are realizing the power of this system, and are using it to control their entire website.

If you choose to have your site delivered as a Wordpress site, a small fee will be added. To see how a Wordpress site can look just like a regular old html site, click here to see the Wordpress version of this site.

Price for standard sites varies upon the level of customization you need. Typical pricing is around $1000, and this includes the email consultation, my design and development time, updates in the form of working pages in progress for your inspection, and delivery to your host.

* Some sample email consultation questions

  1. Do you already have a web host? You will need a web host, but if you don't have one, no worries. I can help you set one up
  2. What are you goals with your site? What message are you trying to get across or convey to your users?
  3. Do you have a specific layout in mind? Typically you will have a header and a navigation menu. Some people have other ideas, or prefer them in specific places
  4. What is the content (ie actual words) you want on your pages? I can help you build a site and polish your message, but I can't create it for you.