Development & Consulting
I am available for work on projects large and small. I'm well versed with many technologies, and am happy to collaborate with you at whatever level you are comfortable with. Anything from small web sites to recurring development to large projects, I can help. Along with my knowledge of the web, I have been a software engineer for over 10 years and am familiar with large projects and a wide array of technologies. And anything I don't know, I can learn and adapt to quickly.

Contact me and let's get started. See what I can do below.

The technical details
  • Web
    • ASP.NET, PHP
    • IIS (configuring websites)
    • Apache (url rewriting and redirects)
    • HTML, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, etc
    • AJAX
    • All things social media
  • Development
    • VB.NET, C#.NET and other older languages (C, Java, Delphi, ...)
    • OOP & Class design principles
  • Database
    • SQL Server (SSIS/DTS, (Profiler, Tuning Engine, etc)
    • T-SQL
    • Database creation, config, admin
    • Table/Index creation, optimization
    • MySQL

What do I charge?

My standard consulting rate is $75/hour, but I work with all my clients to find a price that works.